Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy has become a popular alternative type of therapy used to help treat unwanted symptoms of numerous health conditions.Because the system is designed to remove toxins from the body while boosting energy, cancer patients have found much relief by adding colonics to their treatment plan.The practice of colon hydrotherapy for detoxification dates back to ancient times. This alone is a proof of the valuable result.

 “Over the years it has been found that cancer patients who are not doing well usually are toxic and not being cleansed. They certainly are in need of Colon Hydrotherapy,” 

How It Works In Cancer:

  • The process involves the safe and delicate infusion of water into the colon via the rectum to expel residue, toxins, and mucous.
  • Colonic hydrotherapy, or a “colonic”, is a treatment which is used “to wash out the contents of the large bowel by means of copious enemas using water or other medication.
  • During an enema, the water is retained in the colon for approximately 15 minutes. During a colonic, water is introduced into the colon and then it is flushed out and this is repeated until the entire colon is cleared.
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