Dr. Sandeep Roy

Dr. Sandeep Roy, an accomplished Integrative Oncology Specialist, has emerged as one such luminary in the field, dedicating 23 years of his life to improving cancer care. Dr. Sandeep Roy’s journey from a humble beginning to the zenith of medical excellence is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the well-being of cancer patients and their families. He is hence called the “Pioneer of Integrative Oncology in India.”

Indian Institute of Integrative Oncology (IIIO), Nashik, Maharashtra

Beyond his medical practice, Dr. Sandeep Roy is the founder and owner of the Indian Institute of Integrative Oncology (IIIO), Nashik, Maharashtra. This institution serves as a hub for education and research in the field, training future generations of medical professionals and researchers dedicated to advancing cancer care. Dr. Roy’s commitment to education is shaping the future of oncology in India.

Integrative Oncology Luminary

Dr. Sandeep Roy’s name is synonymous with Integrative Oncology. With over two decades of experience, he has become a pioneer in this field. Integrative Oncology is an approach that combines conventional and complementary therapies to provide holistic care for cancer patients. Dr. Roy’s commitment to this approach has been instrumental in transforming the landscape of cancer care in India.

A Patented Breakthrough

Notably, Dr. Sandeep Roy holds a patent for the oral formulation of Mistletoe extracts for cancer management in India. This groundbreaking achievement underscores his dedication to improving the lives of cancer patients. The patented oral formulation represents a significant step forward in the accessibility of Mistletoe Therapy and its potential to benefit a broader range of individuals battling cancer

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