Cancer Treatment in Thane

Ayurvedic & Herbal Oral Medicine based Cancer Treatment in Thane

Cancer is an abnormal growth of some cells in some tissues of our body. These cells tend to spread very fast and grow in other parts of the body also. Many years ago, cancer was not a very common disease among people. But now, the situation has become so critical that every fifth person suffers from one or the other type of cancer.

Chemotherapy is the most common cancer treatment without surgery in today’s generation. Many doctors have also started prescribing other kinds of cancer medications like targeted therapies, hormone therapy, and immunotherapy.

These types of medications affect only the cancer cells leaving behind only the healthy ones. Cancer treatment by medicines helps to destroy and shrink the cancer-causing cells and effectively treat the patient.

Painless & Non Surgical Cancer Treatment in Thane

Cancer treatment at Indian Institute of Interactive Oncology

Indian Institute of Interactive Oncology is a dream project of Prof. Dr Sandeep Roy. The professionals and experts at the Indian Institute of Interactive Oncology provide the best cancer treatment by medicines in India.

We consider many techniques for alternative cancer treatment in Thane. We have started the Indian Institute of Interactive Oncology intending to educate people about the causes of cancer, prevention, and early detection.

We offer many techniques for painless cancer treatment, such as:

  • Acupuncture
  • Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Yoga
  • Hypnotherapy

Also, we provide the best cancer treatment without surgery at a very reasonable rate. We have the best group of oncologists, surgeons, and physicians who will help you to fight at every stage of cancer. We are the best cancer hospital in Thane, and we intend to provide the right treatment for each type of cancer for you.

Herbal cancer treatment in Thane is better than other remedies for those patients who have become resistant to chemotherapy and radiotherapy due to their old age. Our specialists provide many herbal formulations that help you to fight cancer at every step. Our cancer treatment without injection helps to tame the aggressive cancer cells by repairing the damaged DNA and blocking various cancer-promoting enzymes.

Techniques for Cancer Treatment

Some standard methods for cancer treatment in Thane are:

Stem cell transplantation: As our patient at the cancer hospital in Thane, you will have access to our leading-edge method and techniques. You will also be given access to a variety of care services. These services are provided with the purpose to promote the quality of life both before and after the treatment.

Chemotherapy: Our cancer hospital in Thane uses chemotherapy along with potent drugs to destroy the cancer cells or to slow their growth. Our doctors and nurses will carefully monitor your recovery during and after the treatment.

Radiation therapy: Our doctors deliver radiation therapy in various forms depending on the patient and the type of cancer. Radiation therapy uses high beams of energy to destroy cancer cells. It is given through a machine present outside the body in the form of x-rays. It can also be delivered by placing a radioactive material near the tumours.

Surgery: The goal of our cancer hospital in Thane is to remove as much cancer as we can. We have doctors who are experienced in effectively removing the tumours even from hard-to-reach body parts. Our doctors have expertise not only in surgical techniques but also in the disease itself. The sole focus of our cancer hospital in Thane is to beat cancer and find better ways to cure it.

Oral Mistletoe therapy: It reduces the side effects of the medicines and the feeling of needles and pins. Patients even noticed less hair loss after having Oral Mistletoe therapy. It also lowered side effects such as diarrhea and nausea. Oral Mistletoe therapy improves the quality and emotional well-being of a patient.

The Indian Institute of Interactive Oncology is the best cancer hospital in Thane. We provide all the expert help to the cancer patients that reach out to us and become a part of their healing process.